Complete Guide for Someone Who’s Starting Cleaning Business from Scratch

crteam November 16, 2020 Cleaning Business Resources

Cleaning home is stressful and backbreaking, do you all agree to this? Surely, the majority of the answers would be yes. But cleaning the home is a necessity too. You cannot disagree with this too. If cleaning is such a universal responsibility, imagine how profitable and in-demand would be starting a cleaning business? 

It’s a business with forever demand and is witnessing a continual expansion. Every person wishes to keep their home clean and spotless and if they could get it done professionally, it will be of great aid. 

The residential and commercial cleaning business has become a larger revenue-generating segment. That is why if you are planning to start your own cleaning business then you are good to go. 

Starting a cleaning business from the scratch? Don’t worry, we offer you a step by step guide to start your cleaning business successfully. 

Let’s begin!

Decide your company name

What’s in the name? Well, when it comes to branding no business can start without a name. You need to decide a name that’s unique and reflects your services so that the potential customers easily get to know what you are offering.  

You can play with words with something quirky, catchy. Adding locations or keywords related to your service will look more professional and renowned. The name should either be too long or too short like just initials. 

Make sure the name is easy to remember and easy to spell too. Also, check once that it is not already in use. Do some brainstorming before you pick a brand name. Spend some time, no problem because a name once set and registered cannot be changed easily. A lot of legal issues and money will be required to later change the name.  

Licensing of your cleaning business

Once you have decided the name, let’s focus on the legalities. You need to first register your company name. If you are kicking off with the business solo then you can register as a sole proprietor. 

As per the state law and local needs, you need to go for a license and any permits. Licensing will ensure that your business is operating legitimately. For a license, probably you may have to pay fees. 

If you are hiring employees to help in your business, then you will have to obtain an Employer Identification Number. Finally, also check if your local law requires protections like business insurance, liability insurance, etc. Most homeowners might look for liability insurance before they hire your cleaning services. So it is better to get it covered. 

Set your budget for cleaning business

Whether you would be running your business solo or with a team, you cannot start a company without money. Without a financial plan, it will be difficult to manage expenses and you might even run short of money without budgeting. 

You need to decide on a reasonable budget for your cleaning business. While setting the budget, you need to consider important factors like products and equipment that you will need for cleaning, fuel cost for traveling to client destination, vehicle maintenance, cost of labor outsourcing if any, maintenance cost, taxes, and insurance. 

Along with setting a budget, also keep a track of all expenses, so that you can manage financial stability in your business. If you neglect the budget, your money will quickly get exhausted.   

Checklist of home cleaning equipment

 Now if you are starting with a home cleaning business obviously you will require certain cleaning products and equipment for performing the tasks. Instead of getting bewildered later, make sure you are ready with your supplies. Create a checklist of necessary items to be purchased.  

We know you are a novice to this line of work, so it is better for Google and knows what all will be required. Also, check other cleaning service providers’ websites to get an idea of items needed. Some repeated and common things you will require are cleaning solutions, gloves, broom, mop, spray bottles, disinfectant products, scrubbers, brushes, sponges, cleaning cloth, paper towels, reusable towels. For cleaning baseboards, window seals, door frames, you will need dedicated cleaning materials. 

To create a checklist for buying home cleaning equipment, you can use the Excel sheet, Word Doc, Google Docs, or even software, whichever is handy for you. 

List the services you will be offering

So what will be the cleaning services you would offer? Is your cleaning services restricted to just home cleaning or even outdoor and commercial spaces? Will the services be recurring, weekly basis, or monthly basis? 

Before you kick off with your business you need to be well prepared with the list of services you will offer, business hours, locations you can cover. Remember home cleaning, office cleaning, and outdoor cleaning require different skills and equipment, so you need to be clear about it. 

Just for information – Cleaning service, particularly home cleaning service is divided into 3 categories – regular cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in / move out cleaning.   

Charge for home cleaning services 

The first rule when you are starting a cleaning business from scratch – Neither overcharge nor undercharge, only this way you can attract potential customers. 

The best way to get paid for your efforts is by billing on an hourly basis. Also, estimate the price as per the area or space (measurement) you will be cleaning, what all areas will you cover (eg: floor, baseboards, window seals, etc.). Charges will be different for regular cleaning and deep cleaning. 

You can check the rate card of your competitors and accordingly fix the price, make sure the price is a bit reasonable than your competitors so that the potential customers consider you over them. 

Start marketing 

As soon as you decide to start a business, start promoting it simultaneously. You know cleaning services are in demand but you should also know there is a lot of competition. The more the demand, the more the service providers. So touting about your upcoming business is the only way to catch the attention of potential customers. Not can beat the powerful marketing channel – Google and also social media networks. 

Provide customers with all the necessary information about your business in the most informative and attractive way. Do not forget word of mouth promotion too. It works most of the time. 

So now that you have got proper guidance, you can instantly get going with professional cleaning. All the best for your new venture.