350+ Unique Cleaning Company Name Ideas

crteam November 19, 2022 Cleaning Business Resources
Cleaning Company Names

How difficult can it be to find a good name for your cleaning business?

It turns out that there are a few factors to consider when naming your new business and these factors can have a significant impact on the success of your company.

The most important thing when naming a company is that it should be memorable and easy to pronounce. You want people walking away from your business with an idea of what it offers.

Here are a few cleaning company names that are easy to remember and sound appealing to consumers.

Klean Krown: It is catchy, has a nice ring, and is memorable. 

Klean Kanteen: This name has creativity, simplicity and a meaningful meaning. 

Morning Mops: It is catchy and is memorable. 

Mr. Bubble: It is memorable and has a nice ring to it. 

Mr. Clean: This name has both creativity and simplicity, but it also is easy to remember. 

Mrs. Cleanser: This name is creative, simple and easy to remember. 

Green Clean: This name is creative, simple and easy to remember. 

Green Cleaners: This name has creativity, simplicity and meaning behind it. 

More Cleaning Company Names

A Clean Get-away
A Deeper Clean Maid Service
A Master’s Touch
A New View Cleaners
A Sparkle Home Cleaning Service
A Touch of Elegance
A2Clean Maid Service
Able Services
Access Maids
Ace of Maids
Action Maids
Advanced Cleaners
After You Cleaning Service
Aftermath Services
All Clean Restoration
All Clean Services
All Seasons Cleaning
Allied Professional Cleaning
Alpha Cleaning Services
Ambition Cleaning
American Cleaning Service
American Maid
Anchor Cleaning Contractors
Any Mess
Anytime 24-Hour Maids
Best Friends Cleaning Services
Best Maids
Best Sweepers
Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service
Blue Clean
Blue Ribbon Cleaners
Blue Skies Services
Blue Sky Cleaning
Bonded Building Cleaning
Bonny Maid
Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
Broom With A Clue
Brothers Cleaners
Busy Bee Cleaning Service
Capitol Cleaning
Cardinal Maids
Caring For Your Home
Carly’s Cleaning
Check Maid Cleaning
Cheers Cleaning Service
Choice Janitorial
Cinderella Cleaners
Class Plus Maid Services
Classic Cleaning
Clean and Shine
Clean Berets
Clean Break
Clean Conscience
Clean Cut
Clean Freedom
Clean Living Spaces & Places
Clean Machine
Clean Queen
Clean Space
Clean Sweep
Clean Works For You
Cleaning Bees
Cleaning by Design
Cleaning Company All Glisten
Cleaning Dash
Cleaning for Perfection
Cleaning Master
Cleaning with Meaning
Clearly Clean
Clifton Cleaners
Comfy Mom
Community Cleaning
Companion Maids
Continental Cleaners
Cottage Grove Cleaning
Crest Cleaners
Customized Cleaning
Daisy Maids
Deep Clean
Dependable Cleaners
Detailed Cleaning
Diamond Shine
Dirt B Gone
Dirt Devils
Dirt Free
Do Right Cleaning
Down and Dirty Cleaning Service
Drip n Dry
Dust & Shine
Dust Be Gone Maid Service
Dust Bunnies
Dust Busters
Dust to Shine
Dustbunny Solutions
E and K Cleaning Services
Eco Cleaning Company
Ecogenie Cleaning
Emerald City Cleaning
Empire House Cleaning Services
English Maids
Excellent Maids
Executive Cleanse
Executive Maid Services
Executive Pro Cleaning Co.
Executive Touch
Expert Cleaning
Express 24 Clean
Extreme Clean
EZ Cleaning
Fairy God Mother Cleaners
Feather Lady
Feather Mom
Filth Fighters
Floor to Ceiling
Fresh Scent Maids
Fresh Tech Maid

Freshmint Cleaning Service
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Gettin’ Dirty Cleaning Service
Git’er Done Cleaning
GO Cleaners
Golden Shine
Golden Standard
Green Apple Cleaners
Green Clean
Green Clean Team
Green Earth Cleaners
Green Envy Maids
Green Glove
Green Maid
Green Wagon Cleaning
Greener Cleaner
Grime Busters
Grime Stoppers
Hags with Rags
Hands & Knees Professional Cleaning
Hands and Knees Cleaning Solutions
Happy Clean Home
Happy Maid
Helping Hands
Home Clean Home
Home Sweet Home Cleaners
Home Taskforce
Hot Mops
House Keep Up
House Stars Maid Service
Housekeeper Plus
Hygiene Machine
Immaculate Housekeeping
In & Out Cleaning Services
In the Groove Cleaning Service
JR’s Custom Clean
Just in Time Maid Service
Just Like New Cleaning Crew
Klean and Brite Cleaning Service
Klean Klub
Kompletely Klean Maid Service
Krystal Clear Home Cleaning Service
Kulas Maids
Lean Mean Clean Machine
Lemon Fresh Cleaning
Let Me Do The Cleaning
Life is Maid
Little Piggies
Lovely Housekeeping
Lulu’s Cleaning
Maggie Maids Cleaning
Magic Maids
Magic Moppers
Magic Rags
Magical Maids
Maid 2 Clean
Maid 2 Order
Maid Brigade
Maid Brite
Maid for Hire
Maid Green
Maid in America
Maid in Home
Maid Pro
Maid Right
Maid to Order
Maid to Perfection
Maid to Please
Maid to the Rescue
Maids and More
Maids by Trade
Maids on the Run
Maids to Help
Manic Maids
Many Maids
Married To The Mop
Master Green Cleaning
Maxim Cleaning
Meticulous Maids
Mighty Maids
Millennium Maid
Minute Maids
Molly Maid
Mop n’ Maid
Mountain House Cleaning
Moxie Maids
Mrs. Clean
My Clean
My Housekeepers
Nature’s Best Cleaners
Neat and Tidy
Neat Cleaning Services
Night Owl Cleaning
No Dust are Us
No Stress Maid
Nooks & Crannies Cleaning
Not Just Dust
On The Spot!
Partners in Grime
Patriot Maid
Peachy Clean
Peppy Cleaning Service
Perfect Clean
Perfect Home Cleaning
Perfect Touch Cleaning
Perfectly Clean
Perks Professional Cleaning Services
Personal Touch
Pixie Dust Cleaners
Pleasin’ Polish
Polished to Perfection
Power Bright Cleaning Services
Pristine Clean
Pristine Cleaner Uppers
Pristine Cleaning

Pro Clean
Pro House Cleaning
Pure House Cleaning
Queen Bee Cleaning Service
Rag n Mop Housecleaning
Rag Tag Team
Raggedy Ann’s Maid Service
Rags to Riches Cleaning Service
Rain or Shine Residential Cleaning
Reality Source Cleaning
Reflections Cleaners
Revolution Cleaners
Royal Maid Service
Save Your Stress
Scour Power Cleaning
Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Maid Service
Shaker Just Rite Cleaners
Shine on
Shine Time
Shirley Clean Maids
Simply Clean
Sparkle A Plenty
Sparkle Cleaners
Sparkle House
Sparkling Clean
Sparkling House Keeping
Sparkly Maid
Specialty Coatings
Spic n Span
Spiffy Clean
Spotless Cleaning
Spring Maids Cleaning Service
Squeaky Clean Maids
Squeaky Cleaners
Squeaky Kleen
Squeegee Clean Maid Service
Steamer Cleaning Services
Suds in the Bucket
Suds Up
Super Maids
Superior House Cleaning Services
Supreme Klene
Sweeners Cleaners
Sweep Cleaning
Sweep You Off Your Feet
Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service
Sweet & Discreet Maid Services
Sweet Dream Clean Team
Sweet Home Maintenance
Swept Away
The Butler Did It
The Clean Thumb Maid Service
The Clean Up Guys
The Cleaning Authority
The Cleaning Bee
The Cleaning Crew
The Cleaning Fairies
The Cleaning Fairy
The Dazzle Cleaning Company
The Dirty Spot
The Dust Detail
The Glass House Cleaners
The Gleam Team
The Green Maid
The Maids
The SOAPranos
Thorough Clean
Tidy Shines
Today’s Maid Services
Top Priority
Top to Bottom Cleaning
Township Cleaners
True Blue House
Twinkle Clean
Twinkle Time
Two Girls and A Bucket
Two Maids and a Mop
Two Men and a Bucket
Under the Rug Cleaners
Vantage Point Cleaning Services
Wall-2-Wall Cleaners
Washed Up Cleaning Service
We Mean To Clean
We’ve Got a Lust for Dust
We’ve Got Maids!
Well Done Cleaning Service
White Glove
Wicker Residential Cleaning
Xtreme Clean
You Have It Maid
You’ve Got Maids
Your Bright Home Cleaning Services
Your Neighborhood Cleaning Service
Zone Cleaners