Do you Tip House Cleaners? How Much do you Tip Them?

crteam July 29, 2020 General Information
Tip to housekeeper

Tip or not to tip? Two different schools of thought whose answer always keeps on varying as it depends on various factors. When it comes to house cleaning, tipping predominantly depends on the quality of work and how often you are getting the house cleaned.

We’ve all got the trick to clean every nook and corner of the house but sometimes professional help is indeed a need. Unlike before, house cleaning is a service of high in demand. Professionals are hired to take the task off the hands. In fact, house cleaning services can now be booked online. Some companies offer services at a fixed fee and some on an hourly rate. The traditional house cleaning service has transformed to be so professional. Now, you must be wondering if it is wise to tip the house cleaner. It is a general etiquette to tip but when it comes to professional house cleaning services it is not as straightforward as tipping a housemaid. The rules of tipping differ.

So let’s start with the main question

Should you tip the house cleaner?

House cleaning is not an easy task, cleaning the dirt chores requires a lot of effort and time. Though the companies, these days are offering high wages to the house cleaning employees, it is generally up to you whether you need to pay the tip or not. Company owners do not expect tips but employees that are the cleaning staff may depend on the tip, so tipping them is certainly not a bad idea.

Tipping or not to tip also depends on how satisfied are you with the services and also the frequency of services. For example, if you are hiring professional house cleaners for all year round then it is not necessary to give them a tip after each service. You can instead give them a bonus at the end of the year.

It also depends on the type of employment. The person working at your place is providing service on behalf of a company or self-employed. It makes more sense to give a tip if the house cleaner is self-employed.

If it is a recurring cleaning service, paying a tip every week can slightly become an extra cost. Better give a larger tip at the end of each month or end of the year bonus is also a reasonable option.

There are some cleaning franchises that offer services at higher rates and have adopted no-tipping policy, so in such circumstances, it is obvious not to tip. Even if you offer a tip, the workers might politely decline your gesture as it’s their company policy.

When tipping is kind of gratitude

Occasions, festivals, functions, or any circumstance you might require urgent service or even extra service. If the house cleaner response is quick and provides excellent service beyond your expectations then without even thinking twice, it is wise to give a tip as an appreciation or out of gratitude.

Factors that suggest tipping is a good gesture

  • If the house cleaner is individual or is working for a company that offers lower wages
  • Less number of house cleaners performing efficient duty regardless of the size of home
  • Come for house cleaning despite short notice or when you hire them at last minute
  • If they are one-time house cleaners
  • The quality of work delivered
  • If the house cleaning work is around the holidays/holiday season
  • If extra cleaning needs to be performed
  • If your house needs deep cleaning (eg: dirty bathrooms, filthy rooms)
  • Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter or any occasion is around the corner

How much to tip the house cleaner?

Once you have decided to tip, the next question that arises is how much to tip them. We are quite aware of how much to tip a server at a restaurant or a valet parking person, food delivery worker, or stylist. But when it comes to tipping a house cleaner it’s quite confusing or totally a new approach. Let’s learn it too, it is never a bad lesson.

First, you need to find is that tipping goes directly to the employee rather than to the company.

The standard tipping amount is

If $100 service is provided then the tip should be around $10 – $15 (it will be greatly appreciated)

  • Depending on the size of the home, the tip may also vary from $20 to $50.
  • If you are hiring house cleaning staff through a company, it is better to investigate beforehand. You can email, directly contact the company via call or any communication medium. However, tip $15 – $20 is considered as industry standard tipping rate.
  • If the house cleaner performs the duty every now and then tipping between $10 – $20 is the general rule of thumb.
  • If your house is really a mess or demands deep cleaning, tipping the standard amount will be something very unfavorable.
  • If it is a Christmas or any special occasion $50 as a tip will be appreciated by the house cleaners and also will encourage them to take your house cleaning project as often as you need.
  • If it is a one time clean then $10 – $20 is a good tip amount.
  • If you are hiring a house cleaning service before you vacate a home or apartment then providing $10 – $20 as a tip is common.
  • Extra efforts, extra work needs to be tipped extra.

General tip on tipping a house cleaner

If you choose to tip, the good way to tip would be 15% to 20% of the total service cost. (It can be more or less depending on the quality and quantity of service).

What to tip?

No doubt cash is the king and it is always welcomed but is there any other option you can consider as an option to tip. Instead of tipping cash, you can also consider gifts, eateries or something handmade, buy clothes for their kids or even pay their bills. Thes cash alternatives are best to consider, especially at times of holiday season or special occasions.

The bottom line is, you can always add a gratuity for the exceptional services offered by the house cleaners. Though it all majorly depends on how happy you are with the job.