7 Easy Ways to Clean Vinyl Floors & Quick Tips to Protect it

crteam November 22, 2020 Do It Yourself , Floor Cleaning

When it comes to attractive, low maintenance, inexpensive and durable flooring, Vinyl is clearly a winner. Every homemaker intends to keep her home clean without spending too much time and effort. With just a quick sweep and wipe, the floor should shine and look new again, don’t you wish this? Luckily, vinyl is such a kind of floor that tolerates heavy foot traffic and gets cleaned easily. Since it’s water-resistant, it is mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens. 

However, everything needs to be properly maintained and cleaned in order to look its best. Just because vinyl floor covering requires less maintenance, doesn’t mean you can ignore routine dusting and cleaning. Scuffs and stains are part and parcel of every home. If you want your vinyl floor covering to stay shining and protected for a prolonged time then just follow the simple floor cleaning tips.

How to clean vinyl floors 

Daily sweeping

A simple and predominant way to keep floors protected from everyday wear and tear is by sweeping. It’s a good habit to get rid of the dirt and dust instantly when you notice it. This will save much of your efforts in the long run. 

Just a quick running of the broom over the floor will remove the dust before it gets settled. 

Dry vacuuming 

You can also choose to dry vacuum the vinyl floor, instead of sweeping to remove any debris or dust that are freshly settled on the floor. This will save you from a deep cleaning. If you decide to do wet cleaning, it is always recommended to vacuum the floor first and then proceed with wet mopping. 

Note: Do not use a vacuum with a power rotary brush head or beater bar as it can lead to scratches and damage your vinyl flooring. 

Use a doormat 

To reduce foot traffic and to set up a good defense, use a doormat. This will prevent the flooring from dust and all outside dirt that you tend to bring in via your footwear. Simply make a habit to rub your feet or shoes on the doormat before stepping on the vinyl floor. 

Clean with a microfiber cloth 

Soon you will discover scuffs in your vinyl flooring. How to tackle it? The solution is quite simple. In case of minor scuffs, you will only need a microfiber cloth and water. 

Simply soak or dampen the cloth with water and clean the floor. This will easily remove the scuffs without damaging the vinyl tiles. 

Mop the floor with vinegar 

Vinegar is a good household cleaning agent that is chemical-free and inexpensive. It’s a super simple way for vinyl floor cleaning. What you need is a bucket filled with one gallon of hot or lukewarm water and one cup of vinegar. Mix it well and immerse a clean microfiber mop into the filled bucket. Wring it well till it’s damp. Then mop the floor gently

Rinse the mop head frequently after certain wipes. If you see the water mixture has become very dirty then spill it and change the solution. That’s it! Your vinyl floor will appear sparkling clean. 

If you are looking for some home workout, just replace the mop with your hands. Wiping the floor with hands can be a great daily exercise. 

Cleaning the floor with detergent 

Even liquid dishwashing soap or detergent works as a good non-toxic, readily available vinyl floor cleaner. 

Dampen a sponge or a mop in the mixture of detergent and warm water and rub it on the vinyl floor until you see all the dirt vanishing and the floor appearing clean as before. Now, clean the mop completely and soak it in clean cold water and wipe the floor again. This will rinse out all the residue. Frequently follow this floor cleaning method to maintain the natural beauty of the vinyl flooring. 

Baking soda to remove stains 

No floor has ever been saved from stains. At least once in your lifetime, no matter how rigorously you clean the floors, maybe accidentally but stains do occur. If the stains are stubborn then nothing works better than the home cleaning rockstar, baking soda. Again a non-toxic, chemical-free ingredient that is not only used in cooking but also for floor cleaning. 

To lift the floor stains effectively, create a paste of baking soda and water. Use a soft rag or cloth and apply the paste on it. Now rub on the stains. This will eradicate the stains. Repeat the process until the stains completely vanish. Later, use a clean, water-soaked cloth to wipe and remove the excess paste from the floor.  

Baking soda paste works miraculously on stubborn stains like ink, juice, wine, tomato ketchup, lipstick, mascara, and all other stains, you think it’s impossible to get rid of. 

Some quick tips to protect vinyl flooring 

Floor protectors for furniture

Usually, heavy furniture that remains unmoved and occupies a permanent place can cause a dent in vinyl flooring. Furniture like sofa sets, refrigerators, and tables should be attached with floor protectors to prevent the floor from weight.  

Avoid chair with rolling casters

Even chairs with rolling casters can cause scratches and harm the vinyl floor coverings. So instead of chairs with wheels, opt for fitting chairs that come with felt tips. 

Place plywood sheet before moving heavy appliances 

We all are used to renovating or changing the setting of home quite often. While doing this, obviously, most of the appliances or furniture are dragged and pushed on the floor. This will damage your vinyl flooring with scuffs and scratches. 

So, if you are planning to move items in your place, make sure to lay a plywood sheet and create a path till where you will be dragging the items. This will prevent the vinyl floor and keep it in tiptop shape. 

Do not over wet or drench your floor 

The moist or wetness left behind while cleaning the vinyl floor can be a disaster. Drenching of the vinyl floor can lead to cracks, edges and seams, eventually destroying the floor. Hence, make sure, after each wet cleaning session, you properly dry the floor without leaving behind any water. Dry vacuum it, if necessary. 

If floor cleaning seems like an uphill battle or if your vinyl floor requires deep cleaning then let someone else handle the task. We meant professional floor cleaners.