How to Deodorize Carpet: Ideas that Really Work

crteam November 30, 2020 Carpet Cleaning , Do It Yourself

Who doesn’t love a pleasant, aromatic atmosphere at home! But all the hope is lost when your house starts smelling musty. Probably the pungent odor is coming from your carpet. Dust and dirt, stains, spills, humidity are the major culprits that are causing the carpet smell so bad. And not to forget, your furry friends who enjoy spending time on the carpet and the rest is history. 

If you’ve been looking for the best DIY solutions to get the smell out of the carpet, then you have come to the right place.  

How to remove odor from carpet?

There are several easy ways to deodorize the carpet and make it smell fresh and pleasant. Your carpet may appear clean but secretly the polluting substances get soaked up by the carpet which may affect our health, cause eye irritation and also have a negative impact on our mood. 

Here are some effective ways of how to get mildew smell out of carpet:

Baking soda

One of the most staple items found in every house – Baking soda, it’s the best answer for all odor problems. Baking soda is an effective solution as it can absorb the moisture as well as the unpleasant odors. 

Use baking soda to get rid of the smelly carpets by sprinkling a generous amount across the entire carpet. Let the baking soda get absorbed by the carpet fiber. Let it stay for a couple of hours or even overnight (depending on the intensity of odor). If the smell is too strong, it is better to leave it overnight. 

You can also blend any of your favorite essential oils with baking soda and then sprinkle it on the carpet for an aromatic twist. 

After a few hours or overnight, it is time to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Make sure all the powder gets removed. 

How to blend essential oil with baking soda? 

  • Mix 2 cups of baking soda with at least 15 drops of essential oil in a container.
  • Shake well before sprinkling it on the carpet
  • Make sure the mixture covers the entire carpet area

Fresh smelling essential oils that can be used – Lavender, grapefruit and lemon

Essential oils to be avoided – If you have pets at home, it is better to avoid strong smelling cinnamon and peppermint essential oils as it can make your dogs feel uneasy. If you are having cats, avoid citric flavors as it is toxic to them. 


Another natural and effective carpet deodorizing agent, vinegar works magical to remove the mildew smell out of the carpet. 

For musty carpet odor, vinegar is the best solution. It eradicates the mildew that possibly might be growing inside the fibers. This cleaning agent is natural, it does not contain any harsh chemicals causing damage. So relax, your beloved carpet is safe. Vinegar is also pocket-friendly. 

Preferably go for white vinegar. Mix vinegar – one cup with warm water – two cups in a spray bottle. Shake well and sprinkle it on the entire carpet. Let it air dry. If the odor is too strong, you can also add two teaspoons of baking soda to the mixture. This will make the solution more effective. 

Don’t worry about the strong vinegar smell as it will neutralize, once the liquid dries. It will become odorless. 

Repeat the procedure, if you still feel the odor has not completely left the space. 

Note – Make sure you don’t completely wet or soak the carpet with the liquid solution. This will only add more moisture and welcome mildew and mold. Dry the carpet completely. 


Well, even this ingredient can be easily found in homes – Vodka. Isn’t it? Okay this time, it’s not for a cocktail party but for getting rid of the bad smelling carpet. Vodka acts as a natural stain remover, eliminates stubborn odor and also kills bacteria.

Pet urine on the carpet can cause stain and a bad smell. Use vodka to get rid of it. After spot cleaning, spray vodka on carpet to remove the smell. 

Let it soak in the carpet for around 10 to 15 minutes. Blot the vodka using paper towels and absorb excess moisture. To remove the extra moisture, you can also take help of baking soda. Sprinkle it a bit on top and let it absorb the remaining moisture. Now, finally, use the vacuum to clean, dry and deodorize the carpet.

Enzyme cleaner 

If you have pets at home, it is quite obvious, your carpet will be at their hit list. It seems like the carpet is their favorite spot to pee. It’s almost impossible to stop them from ruining the carpet. The foul, pungent smell is what you have to eventually deal with. Enzyme cleaner works wonder in eliminating pet odors. 

You can get the enzyme cleaner easily in any supply store or online store. Use it as per the instructions given on the product. 

Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners might be a bit expensive as compared to the other ingredients mentioned above but the results are guaranteed. Along with stains, most of the carpet cleaners assure to remove the stubborn smell out of the carpet and make them look and smell fresh. 

Some of the advanced carpet cleaners use natural ingredients which makes them chemical-free. However, if you are using carpet cleaners that contain chemicals, make sure to perform a patch test. Some of the chemicals can have a negative impact on the carpet fiber. So better test it on a small unnoticeable patch on the carpet. 

How to protect carpets from bad odor?

The golden rule is proper ventilation. Let the natural ventilation in so that the carpet can breathe and save itself from getting trapped by the bad smell. Also, humidity can cause too much moisture and further develop mildew and mold on the carpet. So, if you live in a humid atmosphere, use dehumidifiers in your living environment. 

If you notice spills or stains, clean it instantly. Act quickly by blotting away the spill. This will not only prevent bad odor but also prevent stubborn stains. 

Vacuum your floor and carpet on a regular basis and prevent it from dust. A fresh indoor environment can naturally keep your carpet in good condition. 

Dedodraize the carpet with any of the above tips and enjoy a fresh, aromatic time at home.