How to Get Blood Out of Carpet?

crteam August 2, 2020 Carpet Cleaning , Do It Yourself

Easy DIY Hacks to Remove Blood Stains from Carpet

Bloodstains!!! Sounds dreadful, right?

You can get rid of those stains. Before you get some wrong idea, we are not in support of any crime scene or erasing the evidence.

We are talking about small household accidents like cutting a finger or a bloody nose that leaves bloodstains on the carpet. Just like spilling red wine or coffee, even blood stains are common. And fortunately, there are easy household solutions for removing the bloodstains from the carpet.

Here are some effective and proven techniques to remove blood stains as quickly as possible. Don’t worry, these tips are effective on dry blood stains too. However, it is advised, the faster you act, the easier it will completely eradicate the stains.

Some quick tips

  • Never scrub the stain as it will only spread
  • If you are using any liquid or detergent solution to clean the stain, make sure you use a clean white cloth
  • Ammonia can be a good cleaning solution for blood stains
  • Never use hot or even warm water for blood stains as it will only darken or set the stains
  • It is wise to test on the patch before following any cleaning method. Each fabric may react differently
  • Last but not the least, the faster you clean, the better results you are guaranteed with

Now let’s focus on the cleaning methods:

Get blood out of the carpet with detergent solution

  • In case if the bloodstain is dried, just use a soft brush and gently rub to break the deposit
  • Mix handwash liquid (1 tablespoon ) with cold water (2 cups)
  • Dampen a clean white cloth with the detergent solution and apply it on the stain
  • Blot the solution until it is absorbed. Later, sponge and blow dry it
  • Repeat the procedure till the time the stain gets disappeared

Get blood out of the carpet with ammonia

  • Add a tablespoon of ammonia to ½ cup of lukewarm water
  • Dab the solution on the stain and blot it until it is absorbed
  • Use cold water to sponge the area and then blot dry

Get blood out of the carpet with hydrogen peroxide

  • Before using hydrogen peroxide, test it on some not so visible carpet area and see if it changes the carpet color or not. Use it only if the carpet color remains unchanged
  • Now dip cotton in hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the stained area. Apply it very carefully
  • Rinse with a wet cloth and let it air dry. The stain will vanish

Get blood out of the carpet with specialty cleaners

If you think only versatile stain remover or carpet cleaner will remove the stain then follow the method stated below:

  • Dissolve the cleaning solution with warm water and follow the instructions given on the package
  • Soak the stain with the solution and leave it for some time, say around 5 to 10 minutes
  • Later, blot it with a dry cloth

These cleaners also work on stains like red wine, coffee or pet poop, and urine.

You can also use the trusted cleaning contents like baking soda, salt paste, or vinegar to clean the bloodstains.

A little patience and this easy hacks will completely wipe out the stubborn bloodstains.