DIY Techniques to Get Rid of Red Wine Stain out of Carpet

crteam August 9, 2020 Carpet Cleaning , Do It Yourself
Red Wine

Party at home, suddenly a glass of red wine gets spilled on your favorite carpet by your guest. How furious would you be? It’s not less than a nightmare. We though love the fruity, tangy taste of red wine but hate the blemish it leaves on carpet or clothes. You can’t stop the accident but you can certainly stop the stain from becoming permanent. Act fast and remove the stain ASAP. Blot the spilled wine, right away. Use a piece of cloth or paper towel to blot the stain without spreading it.

If blotting doesn’t help or you couldn’t act upon the stain immediately, don’t worry. There are time tested DIY techniques to get rid of the stubborn red wine stain from your carpet. You can find most of the cleaning ingredients in your kitchen pantry itself so after-party cleaning is now no more an uphill battle.

Tip – Any cleaning method you follow, test it on a small patch of carpet that is not visible so that you can be assured if it suits your carpet fabric or not.

Solution 1 – Using vinegar and dishwashing soap

If blotting doesn’t work, simply create a cleaning solution by mixing just 3 ingredients:

  1. Make a mixture of liquid dishwashing soap – 1 tablespoon, vinegar – 1 tablespoon, and warm water – 2 cups. Preferably use white vinegar to create the solution
  2. Pour the solution on the stain spots and blot it again and again with a damp paper napkin
  3. Blot it with dry rag frequently
  4. Sponge it with cold water to rinse and blot it until it dries
  5. Repeat as many times as needed for maximum effectiveness

This technique is effective on stubborn stains too.

Solution 2 – Using hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing soap

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a mild bleaching agent, hence it is best suited for light-colored carpets.

  1. Create a mixture of a half-cup by blending a generous amount of dishwashing soap with hydrogen peroxide
  2. Stir it and blot the solution on the stain. Blot it by soaking a clean cloth in the solution
  3. Gently dab the stain and allow the solution to soak in the carpet
  4. Do not rub, just blot the stain and repeat it again and again
  5. If the stain is stubborn let the solution settle on the stained carpet for a few minutes
  6. Now mix cold water with little liquid soap and pour it in a spray bottle. Lightly spritz it on the stain
  7. Blot it with a clean towel and see how the stain gets vanished
  8. If you find the portion sticky, rinse it with lukewarm water and then blot it dry

Solution 3 – Using baking soda and white wine

Like the ancient proverb ‘iron sharpens iron’ even wine kills wine stains. Okay, but there is a change in color. Pour more wine to remove the wine stain but use white wine. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Dilute the stain of red wine by pouring white wine. You can also use clear vodka
  • Now blot the stain portion with a sponge
  • Once done, apply a watery paste of baking soda (one part of baking soda, 3 parts of water). Gently spread it over the stain
  • Take a clean cloth and cover the stained area. You can create pressure by keeping some heavy items on top of the cloth. Leave it overnight
  • Next day morning, remove the lumps caused by baking soda by using a vacuum
  • You can pour some cold water, dissolve the lumps and vacuum again

These home cleaning techniques are easy and effective. However, if the stain is really very stubborn, you can take the help of carpet cleaning solutions that are readily available in the market.