Complete Guide to Name your Cleaning Company

crteam November 18, 2020 Cleaning Business Resources

“What’s in the name?

Well, don’t know about humans but a remarkable company name can make your brand iconic. 

Right from creating brand awareness to letting people know what exactly you offer, a name can say it all. It is one of the stepping stones of business.  

When it comes to businesses like cleaning where the competition is cut-throat, developing a great name matters a lot. A name that stands out and easily gets etched in your potential customers’ minds can help you to grow your cleaning business. 

No matter how efficient your services are, your company name is the first thing that would be noticed by your target audience. Hence, it is necessary to make sure your cleaning business name is catchy enough so that it promotes your brand and attracts more and more customers. 

How to choose a suitable name for your cleaning company?

Whether you are kicking off with a new cleaning business or planning to rebrand and rename the existing one, a powerful brand name is fundamental. 

Remember the three golden rules – Unique, Attention-grabbing, Hard to forget 

You just need to keep this in mind while naming your cleaning business. Also, read on to get proper guidance to make the best choice.

Start with brainstorming 

The best way to start thinking about a suitable name for your cleaning company is by brainstorming. Sit, close your eyes for some time, think about the services you would be offering, the products, customer satisfaction, your mission, vision, think about your company as a whole. Surely many words would come to your mind. Instantly note them on a paper. This will help you in creating a name that rightly reflects your brand identity. 

The other thing you can do is put yourself in your customers’ shoes, analyze their expectations. Even this way many words would come to your mind. Pour everything out. Take time to brainstorm. You can also involve someone else who understands or are part of your business. 

Be specific and shortlist 

After 30 to 60 minutes of a brainstorming session, you might have come up with few names. Again relax, be focused, and shortlist at least 5 to 6 names that you think best fits your brand.  

While doing this, make sure you are in a comfortable environment, sitting relaxed, neither starving nor thirsty, completely at peace, with no disturbance. This way you’ll be more focused and come up with some really great names. Do have a pen and paper handy to instantly shortlist the names. Trust your instinct, you might finalize a name too. 

Start asking questions to yourself

When you shortlist the names, start analyzing it and ask questions like is the name reflecting your services, is it easy to remember, is it easy to spell, is there any brand name similar to this, isn’t the name too complicated, does it sound happy, does it sound confusing and many such questions. 

Till every question gets an answer as you want, keep working on names. Eventually, a name will pop up that rightly answers all your questions. Don’t just do this process once, repeat it till you get a satisfactory result. 

Name that reflects your business values

There is something about every business that remains unchanged, those values if it gets rightly reflected in your company name, then nothing like it. Just following the trend or a stereotype name won’t do justice to your business values. 

Some are flighty ones that come and go and sometimes even remain unnoticed while some brands demonstrate their true values irrespective of changing economic conditions, fashion trends,  presidents, etc. The brand still shines as always. Come with such a name that consistently demonstrates your business values. 

Create a personal connection 

No matter what is your line of work, building a personal connection always works in favor. Especially, home cleaning is a service where you will be visiting a person’s personal abode and looking into every nook and corner of their home. So adding some affinity in your company name will surely attract more customers. 

Words such as your, home, always or anything that builds connection will certainly show how much heart and soul you pour into your work and how friendly and welcoming are your services offered. Customers tend to respond positively.  

Watch out for keywords 

A great way to name your cleaning company is aligning or using some relevant keywords related to your line of work. Find some words that are relevant to the cleaning industry. You can also take the help of ready-made tools that would suggest you the most appropriate keywords that reflect your cleaning services. 

You can even as for suggestions from your friends and family and suggest some keywords that are service related as well as unique. To help you more, here are some keyword suggestions:

Primary keywords

  • Clean
  • Fresh
  • Tidy
  • Spotless
  • Home cleaning
  • Cleaning house 

Unique/lesser-used keywords

  • Dust-free
  • Dirt-free
  • Spic and span
  • Squeaky 
  • Immaculate 

You can even take the assistance of any synonyms tool like a thesaurus that will suggest you a list of similar words. Remember using keywords will not only make your company name weighty but will also make the name SEO-friendly which means, your name might appear in the search engine if anybody looks for your service. Though, you probably may require some more SEO strategies to appear easily in search results. 

Try being a bit quirky 

Sometimes quirkiness works. Creative words can make your cleaning company name unique, catchy, and even unforgettable. Along with your keyword, you can add some fun word or a quirky word that makes your brand stand out from the crowd. 

You can also add some adjectives or action words to make the name appear more powerful.

Here are a few unique and quirky cleaning biz name ideas:

  • Dirt Killers
  • Dirt be Gone
  • Lovely Housekeeping
  • Cleaning Master
  • Partners in Cleaning
  • Sparkling Clean
  • Dust to Shine
  • Dust Busters
  • Magic Cleaners
  • Helping Hands
  • Ready-Maid
  • Squeaky Kleen

Quick tip – You can also try to rhyme the name to make it more attention-grabbing.

Creating a cleaning company name should not be a hurdle now. In fact, it can be a fun task. Dedicate some good amount of time in deciding the name as the name you decide now will be your brand identity almost till eternity.